Thursday, April 16, 2009

We heart New York..

Bleu and I took a "scouting" trip to New York to asses what we were in for when we make the big move in June.  We flew into La Guardia on the Thursday before Easter.  After getting all settled in our hotel, in Midtown, we decided to venture out for some lunch/sightseeing.  We went up the street a couple of blocks to Grand Central Station.  Bleu and I both agree there is something romantic about Grand Central.  After a quick smooch in the main terminal, we went downstairs to the food court.  That's where the romance ended...that place is a zoo!  After circling twice trying to decide what to eat and dodging people that walk faster than humanly possible, we got our food.  Then, the hunt for a table began, you have to be quick and not get distracted.  After 5 minutes of that hunt, we were successful.  We collapsed in our chairs.  I'm not sure we spoke to each other for 5 minutes.  We both just sat there staring into space.  Bleu broke the silence with "WHAT are we doing here?".  I tried to convince Bleu that we were in one of the busiest parts on Manhattan, and our neighborhood would be so much more quiet and nice (all the while TRYING to believe the words that were coming out of my mouth). 

As if the crowds of Grand Central weren't enough fun, we thought we would enjoy the crowds of Time Square later that night!  It really was a blast.  We ate at a great Asian bistro, Ruby Foos, and stayed long enough to snap some pics.

On Friday, we ventured up to our soon-to-be neighborhood, the Upper East Side.  It really is one of the nicest parts of Manhattan.  We met the staff in Bleu's new office, they were all SO nice and welcoming.  After our visit to the hospital, we took a tour of our apartment building, located just 2 blocks from the hospital.  It's great, and  the best part.....central air conditioning (a luxury in NYC, most have window units)!  Ha, that and the gym, the doorman, the cool courtyard, and the fact that it's a NEW building- that is a rarity in NYC.

Saturday, we took in some sights of the city.  We went to the Natural History Museum and Bleu treated me to a tour of Central Park....he informed me that we would spend a lot of time in the park, in the wide open spaces and grass and trees.  You can take the man out of Texas, but not Texas out of the man...

One might assume the above is a pic of the famous dinosaur at the museum, but this is, in fact, my alter ego, Bleu has so sweetly named "the monster".  This alter ego only makes an appearance when I need to be fed.  It gets ugly if I go too long without food.  Bleu has only met "her" once.

Easter Sunday, we visited Redeemer Church.  It was a great service, and a church we will definitely visit again.  Please pray that we find a church home quickly and fellowship with other Believers.  Below is our first annual Easter Picture, this is a torture, ahem, tradition in my family that has been going on forever.   And we have a BIG extended family, every year each family "poses" for their annual Easter pic down at my Mamaw's.  I've included some for a blast from the past.

Circa 1983

Circa 2006

We arrived back in Dallas on Sunday evening, and drove promptly to our favorite Mexican food place, Uncle Julio's...we were having withdrawals being in NYC for 4 days, we needed to get some Tex-mex back in our system, stat.  Over dinner we started to get really excited about our 2 year "adventure" up to New York, but we both agree 2 years is just about the maximum amount of time we can be away from our beloved family, friends and Lone Star State.