Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last Days in Dallas..

WOW, I've really got to get better at this blog thing.  I promise to try.

Our last few days in Texas were a whirlwind!  Some of the highlights were:

Packing up our apartment for the 2.5 day drive to NYC.  It was so cute, and our first "home".

2 residency graduations, Bleu was awarded Chief of the Year for Baylor (I'm so proud)!

Bleu and Dr. Joe Liechty
Dr. Jake Abbott
The "chiefs" 2008-2009
Dr. McReynolds at the JPS Roast
Bleu and I at the Baylor graduation.

Lots of making the rounds with all of our friends.

Dinner at all of our favorite restaurants, plenty of Tex-Mex.

A bbq at my parents in East Texas in celebration of our move to NY.

My next 2 posts will chronicle our road trip to New York and our first few weeks in the city....Stay Tuned!

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  1. You're wedding dress was beautiful...actually you're entire wedding was. I love that it was intimate :)